The next single from our debut album is called FTG. The video is being produced at the moment and the track will hit the world soon!

Back to B Sharp Studios

Chaos Doctrine is going back to B Sharp Studios soon to finalise the mixing of our debut album. We are also completing some remixes and alternative versions of some of …

Return of drummer Ralph Margo

Chaos Doctrine founding drummer Ralph Margo recently returned to the band after spending the past 5 years in St Francis and KZN. Ralph is a local metal legend, having played …

The Genocide Number

The Genocide Number is our forthcoming debut album’s second single. The track blends old school thrash with a touch of death metal and has been on the African Metal Top …

Refuse / Resist

All of us grew up with the Brazilian Greats and it is our honour to present this homage to Sepultura. We gave this timeless track a Chaos Doctrine do-over and …


Cult is the first single from our forthcoming debut album and Chaos Doctrine’s first ever release. The track explores dark themes in a classic death metal style with very heavy …


Friends of the band gig

Chaos Doctrine hit the stage for the first time ever on 22 July 2017 at an exclusive event for those closest to the band. The event was well attended and …

Back in the studio

Chaos Doctrine is heading back into the studio to finish production on our first two tracks for release – Cult and The Genocide Number. The videos are also currently being …

Filming on first videos done

We have finished filming for our first videos… these will be released when production on the tracks is finalised. Look out for photos soon!

Sampling on covers

The sampling for our two covers have been completed and sounds “interesting” – to say the least!

Covers chosen for launch

After long deliberation, we have chosen two covers for our launch and first set of performances. What are they? Come to our launch end 2016 to find out!

Studio Time

We have finalised 7 original tracks for our launch. This will be augmented by 2 covers…. Now to decide which songs will get the Chaos Doctrine treatment!

Social media update

Our social media profiles are ready, but have not been published yet. These will be unveiled in conjunction with our launch and track releases, aimed for the end of 2016.


Welcome to the Chaos Doctrine website! Check in often for updates on our planned launch, track releases, and other news.