The Band

Chaos Doctrine is a metal band from Johannesburg, South Africa. The band is the brainchild of vocalist Dr D (Bedlam, Malachi, DedX) and guitarist Ray (Superclown, Malachi, Stone the Free, DedX), who wanted to create a unique sound by blending classic thrash and death with newer waves of metal and industrial. Originally formed in 2010 with bassist Phil (DedX), the band had a few member changes before enrolling guitarist Alec (Sacraphyx, The Warinsane) in 2013. In 2017, founding drummer Ralph Margo (Beast of Eden, Sacrifist, Tyburn, Misericord, Hate Speech) rejoined the band to complete the line up.

For Chaos Doctrine, metal is aggression. Everything we produce conveys this: Our sound is the result of combining the raw power of classic metal like SLAYER, Pantera, Sepultura, and Meshuggah with the modern edge of bands such as Machine Head and Lamb of God, and the industrial sound of the likes of Ministry, White Zombie and Psyclon Nine. Our lyrical content explores the shadow of the human condition: instability, hatred, brutality, decay. And our approach is unrelenting – fuelled by rage and void of message or apology.

This is aggression. This is Chaos Doctrine.


Vocals – Dr D
Guitars – Ray
Guitars – Alec
Bass – Phil
Drums – Ralph


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